Scorsese’s Student Film

An NYU student film by Martin Scorsese titled What’s A Nice Girl Like You Doing In a Place Like This?

You would think being a former student of the NYU film department, I would have seen this brillant little number. (Alex tells me that she had seen it the first week of film school; us Cinema Studies folks missed out)
Instead, I found the early cinematic works of Mr. Scorsese posted to The Little Round-Headed Boy’s blog. He called the short film:

a mini-masterpiece. It’s a comic autobiography of Algernon, a cheery Brit who comes to the big city as a writer and tries to discover who he is through a series of misadventures. It’s full of witty comic touches, visually inventive montages and one shadowy character who reminds you of the Mobsters who would inform his later films.

A big fan of Scorcese, I have to agree with the Little Round Headed Boy. His early work shows growth and potential. The writing, the music, the shadows, the slow pacing, are all unmistakeable Scorcese. I just can’t look away.

Maybe this YouTube capture of Marty’s early works will pump me up for the several hours that l am about to commit to see The Departed in theatres. Pretty sure it will be worth it!


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