Lil’ Bush "Nuked" Episode

I wish that Bring your Child to Work Day was this distructive when I was a kid.

Usually, I was stuck in some conference room with a TV and a handful of Disney movies on VHS.

This animated series created by Amp’d Mobile features all the spoils and world domination plots that one would expect of Bush as a child. And even better, it miniaturizes all the
President’s closest political confidants and makes them his playmates.

The concept of such well-known national figures being recreated as younger versions of themselves reminds me of the animated TV show Clone High. The series, which lasted on MTV for less than half a season, featured such historical big wigs as Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, and Gandhi and put them in high school together. Arguably the most brilliant shows ever created for MTV! Currently in it’s second episode, I hold lil’ Bush in equally high regard.

My personal highlights of this episode are when Bush gets bullied in school by Kin Jung Il, the inability of the Cheney’s to utter a comprehensive thought, and Bush bombing lil’ Mikey Moore and the Blue States.

For more lil’ Bush check out the pilot titled “hot dogs”.


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