Hugging My Grudge

I’m impressed with Boy Least Likely To for a number of reasons. Primarily because their videos rock my world.

The English indy rock band also self-produced, self-mixed and self-promoted debut album The Best Party Ever. A success in England, the album was released in the United States in late spring, following their tour opening for James Blunt.

According to, “If there was an advert for how to achieve homespun success in the music business in 2006, The Boy Least Likely To are it.”

After reading various articles on the band, I would have to agree. But also mention that their videos, are an advert for their already promising career. Having never heard of the band, I found the video title “Hugging My Grudge” on YouTube and instantly went looking for more info on the colorful British duo.

“It’s really important for us to have a good video” said singer and lyricist Jof Owen. “We’d rather be known for our videos and record sleeves and things like that than for our live show.”

If you like this happy-go-lucky music video, check out I’m Glad I Hitch my Apple Wagon to your Star which features Playmobiles and flowers.


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