Nobody’s Watching the Emmys

Look what happens when Nobody’s Watching. I think these guys may have managed to get more camera time than the winner’s themselves.

After making it their mission to “get on television as much a possible,” Derrick and Will, two ordinary looking guys, disguise themselves as valets and take over the Emmy’s.

When I came across this video on Google, I had a sneaky suspicion that it wasn’t child’s play. How would these vlogers manage to get the clearances and get the inside the Emmy’s and acquire the costumes to pull of this stunt?
After following a few links, I cracked the mystery: must be easy to place yourself just inside of frame of action with the help of NBC.

The creator of “Scrubs” and “Spin City” is the brain behind the characters. Nobody’s Watching is another scripted web series.

According to the invisible plot, Derrek ans Will were two “nobodies” working at the family mini-mart in Ohio. Bored of the options that television had to offer, these fictional character posted a video addressed to the TV networks on YouTube. According to their Myspace page, “somebody at NBC must have liked it, because a week later they flew us out here and gave us a bunch of money to make Webisodes.”

In retrospect, I realize that I have noticed these guys before. Nobody’s Watching Diet Coke and Mentos has been on the most watched videos page for the past few days. And I remember having a similar pang of internal questioning ie How did they make the fire look that good?

The explosive spoof is one of seven videos included on impytherap‘s (aka Nobody’s Watching) YouTube profile that is currently climbing the ranks of popularity:
#4 – Most Viewed Channels (This Week)
#16 – Most Viewed Channels (This Month)
#29 – Most Subscribed Channels (All Time)

So before we have another Who Are They and Where Did They Come From mystery on our hands, let it be known that this playful duo that everybody’s watching is a corporate creation.

For more info:
The New York Times wrote an article about Nobody’s Watching a few months ago.
Or check out the official website, too see what else happens when Nobody’s Watching.


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